The Children and Youth Center Miroslav Antic-Mika
Sombor, Serbia

The Children and Youth Center Miroslav Antic-Mika in Sombor, Serbia, is a governmental Institution that looks after children and young people from 6 to 25 years of age without adequate parental care for seven days a week .


The basic tasks of the Institution are to provide health care, moral support, social and emotional security, basic education, and all other support necessary for proper development. The staff is composed of 9 teachers and 2 social workers.


They urgently need basic stationery, computers, games for special needs children and garden furniture.

Further projects include the construction of a football pitch, of a summer classroom and of a student boarding house.


The Nikola Vukicevic School
Sombor, Serbia

The Nikola Vukicevic School in Sombor, Serbia, is a Junior School with 745 students from 7 to 14 years of age. The staff is composed of 53 teachers. Many subjects are taught: Serbian, English, French, Maths,  History, Art, Music, Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, IT, PE, Engineering and technology.


They urgently need basic stationery, IT equipment, classroom furniture and equipment, sport equipment. They also urgently need foreign books (English/French/German) to enhance their library.


Further projects include the renovation of the school fence and the construction of a new function hall.


The Vuk Karadzic Center
Sombor, Serbia

The Vuk Karadzic Center in Sombor, Serbia, was established on 1st April 1974. The school employs 60 teachers, among them 40 specialized for special needs children. They look after youth and adults from 0 to 50 years of age with various disabilities. They teach 150 children with special needs in this school, and an additional 150 integrated in local schools.


Activities include psychometric reeducation, speech-language therapy, sensory integration therapy, rehabilitation for physically disabled and visually impaired children.


They urgently need basic stationery, computers, classroom furniture, catering equipment.

Further projects include a minibus for staff and children transportation, roof refurbishment, construction of a sensory garden and completion of the unfinished Day Care Center for Youth and Adults.