Christine Fort-HiLCenko


Christine is the co-founder of the charity. She is a scientist in Medical Research at the University of Cambridge and has always been an active and participating supporter of charitable organisations.

Her determination to succeed in her full time job as well as in her charity work, will inspire everyone involved in the charity to surpass the goals of the charity to support as many schools as possible.

Tony TayloR


Co-founder of the charity with Christine and Florence, Tony previously worked for world-leading companies like Intel and Vodafone Global Enterprise in communication and marketing roles.

He has invaluable experience in helping to set up and establish charities in the past, managing marketing, business and operational responsibilities.

Tony has now started a career in education, teaching physics and science in secondary schools in the UK.

Florence Bachelard-Bakal


Co-founder of the charity with Christine and Tony, Florence has been dedicated to supporting the development of emerging markets for over 30 years through her experience in financing projects across the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.

A Chartered Director, Florence is very conscious of the need to operate to the highest standards of transparency and corporate governance.