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Fabienne is a French composer/singer and has recorded several albums and performed in many shows. She is a communication manager and has been an artist in parallel for many years. Since she started singing, she has been brought to perform and organise concerts for numerous charities or humanitary organisations like Unicef or Amnesty International.

Her support and previous experience will contribute immensely our action.


Yann Jenny

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Yann is a professional sound and video engineer, and professional photographer. He has experience in live as well as studio recordings and assembly of any audiovisual production. 

His support and previous experience will contribute immensely our action.



Olivier JORBA.jpg

Olivier is a journalist in the French newspaper Vosges Matin. He first met Raymond Nicolet when Raymond was deputy Editor in Chief of the French daily newspaper L’Est Républicain. He shares the same republican values and aspires to fight against injustice.

Olivier says: “Helping disadvantaged youth is a noble cause that justifies the daily commitment of the many, especially those lucky enough to have a family and access to health and education”.

Marie-Laure Moniatte

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Marie-Laure used to be a France & Export Sales manager, and has now put her professional career aside to invest her time in various philanthropic actions in schools and hospitals.

Her knowledge of multicultural and multilingual work environments has allowed her to develop a specialization in international negotiation in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Citizen engagement and charity work have always guided her steps.

Resolutely turned towards the future, she will be involved in any project involving childhood with all the diligence it requires.



Yacine is a French young science student at the University of Lyon, France. High level athlete, Yacine has a will and ambitions that are an important source of support for the charity.
French judo champion, he participated in several national and international competitions. Issued from a family of champions, he refers to his brother who was part of the French Judo National Team, Yacine will be a dynamic recruit in the team for the evolution and promotion of the Trust.