Vidojko Jovic


Vidojko is the chairman of the Petrology and the Geochemistry Department of the University of Belgrade, Serbia. He was the youngest academician when he entered the Serbian Academy of Art and Sciences. His vision is to spread the knowledge of the purpose of educational institutions throughout the country for people to accept their principles and therefore motivate their growth and spread their teaching to all.

His understanding of the Serbia educational system is key to the success of our work.

SiniSa TrifunoviC


Sinisa was born in 1990, in Subotica, Serbia, but lived in Stanisic before moving to Sombor. He graduated as a Media Designer in education in 2013, in Sombor where he continued to live. He is an entrepreneur and professional photographer. He fell in love with documentary photography many years ago and since then he is trying to apply it on everything he does. Capturing raw, natural and real emotions is what he enjoys the most. Although he mostly does weddings in documentary style, every year he tries to do at least one socially engaged photo project while capturing street photos as much as he can in the meantime. Through the years, he has cooperated with various organizations and institutions in Sombor.

Finally but not least, he is the photographer who has  taken all the superb black and white pictures from the Vuk Karadzic Center on our website. He will contribute to the charity by capturing images of the difference we make to our beneficiaries in Serbia.

Visit Sinisa’s Facebook page here and on Instagram here.

Ljubomir Ivanov


Ljubomir is born in 1945 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated from the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Forestry in 1974, with Honours. For his contribution in Park construction in Sofia, he received several awards. After1977, he moved his family to Belgrade, where he was engaged in watercolor painting techniques. He dedicated himself to Miniature Art for which he has been rewarded numerous times.

He will support the other local team members with his knowledge of the schools local to Belgrade.

Gorana SipetiC


Gorana is a professor of Arabic language and Litterature. She used to work as an interpreter in some Arab countries, as well as for several embassies. By her circumstances she succeeded in joining many humanitarian causes. She is dedicated to humanitarian actions for the care of refugees, especially children. She worked as a teacher in many schools in Serbia.

She is committed to assisting people in raising the level of awareness in the benefits of receiving an education and the impact on their quality of their lives.

Slavoljub Hilcenko


Slavoljub is an associate professor of Informatics and Computing at the Vocational College for Education of Preschool Teachers in Subotica, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. He is the founder of the project by voicing the current status of the Educational System in Serbia.

His fields of expertise are management and organization of the educational system; informatics and cybernetics in education; educational software and animated movie development from the cognitive/cognative aspects and instructional media design.