The Raymond Nicolet Trust was founded in December 2018 as a Registered Incorporated Organisation by Christine Fort-Hilcenko, Florence Bachelard-Bakal and Tony Taylor. Raymond Nicolet was the godfather of Christine’s son, Lucas. It is in his memory that the trust was born. 

Raymond Nicolet was a former deputy Editor in Chief of the French daily newspaper L’Est Républicain. An humanist, tolerant and free-thinking individual, he enlisted at the age of 17 in the French Resistance to the occupier in an intelligence network for the Allied Forces, which led him to be decorated after the war by the French, British and Belgian authorities.

His career brought him to travel and witness many inequalities in the world against which he fought with ardour. He focused mainly on helping disadvantaged children and orphans wherever he could. This project would have mobilised all his strength in support. Let us make him proud of us.