Tara Taubman-Bassirian


Tara is the digital expert for the charity. She has incredible expertise in areas like intellectual property, privacy and data protection or E-learnings. As an early adopter of emerging technologies, Tara makes it her business to advise individuals and businesses in the challenges presented by the area of online connectivity.

Visit Tara’s site here

Monika Okreglicka-Mazur


Monika is the project managers for the trust. In her professional career she is a passionate technology consultant focused on delivering large technology programmes in corporations.

She is a passionate musician with a big love for baroque music. She loves playing piano, travelling and exploring different cultures.

Vasileios Kargas


Vasileios is a scientist in Medical Research at the University of Cambridge. He has a broad range of expertise spanning from Information technology to management and organization. He has studied and worked in several educational institutions worldwide, including Greece, United Kingdom and Singapore.

Vasileios is a very determined and motivated individual with a long track record of volunteering.

NebojSa RadiC


Nebojsa is a Serbian national and the Director of the Cambridge University institution-wide world languages programme. His main research interest focuses on the methodology of computer mediated language teaching, world/translingual literature, self-translation and his educational expertise is extremely valuable for the charity. 

Nebojsa is an accomplished novelist. He  published literary works in the Serbian, English and Italian languages and is one of the editors of the Toronto-based literary magazine Ljudi govore.



Alan is currently working as an Electrical Engineer, for Lightsource BP, a global market leader in the development, acquisition and long long-term management of international large scale solar projects and smart energy. He studied at  Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales.

Currently living in Cambridge, he is passionate about renewable energy. He will support our fundraising initiatives.

Stasa Stankovic


Stasa has graduated from the University of Cambridge with a MPhil in Medical Science. She will start her doctoral studies from October 2019 at the same University of Cambridge.

Stasa belongs  of the British, genome-based medicine company, Congenica, responsible for the interpretation of the “100 000 Genomes” project data.

Stasa is the founder of the Innovation Forum Serbia, an organization that aims to bridge the gap between science and industry in Serbia, accelerate the development of Serbian medical and scientific ecosystem through higher exposure of Serbian science and medicine to British medical ecosystem, boost the number of investments coming from global companies into Serbian start-ups, and establish better collaboration between Serbian and British scientists. Stasa is the initiator of the very first healthcare accelerator in Serbia, “Imagine IF”.

Aleksandra Vancevska


Aleksandra is a Balkan national. Originally from Macedonia, but born and raised in Serbia she is passionate about all kind of Balkan traditional dancing styles, she really embodies the spirit of the region. In her free time, Aleksandra has obtained a PhD from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland. She is currently following her curiosity about the molecular machineries responsible to repair damaged DNA and their roles in cancer at The Francis Crick Institute in London. In addition, Aleksandra is a lover of movement of all sorts and enjoys yoga and walking the beautiful rural English landscapes.

Being currently based in the UK and returning often to Serbia, Aleksandra will assist us in strengthening the bonds with Serbian institutions and helping with communications. She offered to be an active Ambassador of the Trust in Serbia and to involve the pupils of the schools we help in some educational activities outside of their curriculum.

Jelena Dumic


Jelena is a Serbian national. She is currently attending a MPhil course in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at the University of Cambridge. Her goal is to understand the phenomenon of autism from a linguistic point of view in order to provide a more systematic linguistic programme and teaching tools which would enable autistic children to enhance their communication skills.

She would like to develop adequate teaching tools and methods for the schools in Serbia within the charity.

Li Jin

Li Jin.jpg

Li is a scientist in medical research in Cambridge. She has built a strong experience in managing projects related to her field of work over her career as a researcher. She analyses rapidely the situations to decide on the best approach to progress. Her managerial experience will be utilised by the Trust when organising various events to support our cause.



Anne has been working as a bioinformatics developer first at the European Bioinformatics Institute, then at Sanger and more recently at CRUK Cambridge until April 2019. She is also passionate about teaching and education and has been a director of the French Saturday school “Les Petits Caméléons” in Cambridge over the last 6 years. She has been an active member of the “Friends of Morley primary school” charity for seven years organising events and raising funds to redevelop the playground. Previously she was actively involved in multiple musical orchestra charities in France near Orléans where she comes from. Based on her different charitable experiences, she will be able to organise various events to support our cause.